Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My karma in life.

I'm still learning, but I'm getting so much better.

Well, Mr. FD has come down with a horrible cold and I'm due for a visit from Aunt Flo this weekend. Luckily, next weekend - same dates - are open and free as the plains of Nebraska. So, we will postpone the weekend in bdsm playland. We've been talking on Skype of late and conversations warm me up that he's not a serial killer or a pyschopath or a mean person. And, it's good to reschedule because then I can get some homework out of the way and clean my apartment, which has started to look (as my mother says) "like a bomb went off in it." I took down all the play clothes and toys from the closet so I'll put them back up knowing it won't be much longer. And as he said, it's only a few days of extra waiting and one week closer to the next playdate.

Turned in a memo today. Going to load a movie and chill for the night.

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