Sunday, June 5, 2011

The gall of so-called Christians

Over the years there's been this super rude and annoying commenter who posts passages from the Bible in the comment section. I moderate comments to spare the reader his crap. I rarely read the comments and just delete them. But I was curious about this one that he recently posted to comment on my story of my dying father.
"...he said that there's no water at the party and could we get him some."

Compare with Luke 16:19-31. Especially v.24

Luke apparently talks about some king that was sent to hell and some beggar that went to heaven and the king begs for water because there's none in hell.

This is as equally appalling and non-Christian behavior as those dumbass protesters who stand at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

My father was a Christian. He taught Lutheran Sunday School for years. He belonged to Lutheran churches all over the world. He made us kids attend church with him. When I was 18, I told him I couldn't continue to attend because I didn't believe the words or practices. He encouraged me to find faith. My father donated to causes of justice, helped disadvantaged populations, and always tried to live life under Christian principles: love they neighbor, do unto others as you'd have unto you, espouse peace not war, etc. He was revered in the community for his sage advice, assistance to any worthy cause at any time needed, and passionate friendship.

It's Christians like you that give religion a bad name. How about you read up on your principles? Matthew 7 for instance. A good reminder.

Frankly, I prefer to interpret my dad's vision from the other side as a fabulous cocktail party out in the woods. Kegs and shakers abound - who needs water?