Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm your...

Mr. FD likes to make notes of his ideas.

It started as a teasing joke in emails that he needs a personal assistant. Over the weekend, he tasked me to take notice of the ideas he'd want me to remember. And then would say, "I have this idea - make a mental memo." And then, while I sat on the toilet peeing he said, "I think I'll call this part of you: memo. So, when I say 'memo' be prepared to take a note." Later, it was established that he would give me the note verbally to remember, and then I could write it down afterward.

So, after our Skype session tonight, after we'd discussed any concerns or questions we had for each other, after I'd undressed and shown him my bruises, after I told him I was wet, and after he told me to masturbate just to the point where I was close to cumming, he told me he'd hang up the Skype call and I was to orgasm thinking of the past weekend.

Here's how it went:

Got my vibrating egg because my fingers were tired
Went to sex & submission website - Feb 13, Servant Keen
Closed my eyes
Thought of you caning me, the night my ass turned red
Being wet on the metal horse
Being wet almost every time you touched me
On top of you fucking while you smacked my thighs
On all fours with you fucking me from behind
Ginger in my cunnie hole and you laughing at my tears
Face slapping face slapping face slapping face slapping
and then Maggie popped into my head "I'm your secretary.. I'm your secretary.." and I thought "I'm your memo... I'm your memo..." and boom! Orgasm.

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doesn't even cover it. i need,


congratulations lola. you lucky hard working girl.