Friday, July 27, 2007


I know I said, it's not good-bye it's see you later. Why the hell did I think a good-bye party would be a good idea? Lunch with co-workers and my parents (dad bought the whole deal and included wine - which I thought we'd snub for sobriety during our staff meeting later but my boss lady was rockin' it). Then, an early eve co-worker good-bye party with so many tears. So, why again did I think that this 9pm soiree was a good idea? Ugh. Maybe I'll just get wasted and make people take photos so I remember it.

I have this horrible feeling that it'll just be a trickle in of all the people I wish I didn't have to see. And then James will pop in but his job isn't to take care of me anymore. And then, more slow trickle and a sad, depressed hag (me) on the bar stool wishing I could just go to sleep.

The other half of me thinks I might just end up half-naked, peeing in the middle of the floor, and making out on too many people.

I'd like a balance. Let's see if we can't get graceful, sexy, smokin' hot drunkeness and happy giddiness. .... James asked which person I'd be going home with tonight - seeing as how the net was cast so wide. I said no one. I want to wake up alone. ... We shall see, darlins.

Thx again, Clichemonster, for the flyer! xoxo

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(i'm glad you did it, though...)