Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Did I just pee in my bathroom sink?

That, and more photos and stories to come.

The good-bye party was quality over quantity as they say. I had a great time with those friends and lovers who came. Ended up drunk with the incoming-replacement-girl over at some boy's house. At some point, I was spread-eagled against a wall, slowly pulling up my dress. But then we had to leave. After all it was 3:30am and we were drunk. I peed on his lawn in Lola fashion. The cabbie had a nice view.

The Saturday hang-over with the parents went swell. Bloody Marys for all of us. I might be re-formulating how I view them. Maybe the month over at their place will be good for all of us.

But yes, it was last week that was rockin'. Phillip swung by and fake kidnapped me out to his country place. We played tie-her-and-fuck-her in his barn. The barn with the squeaking mice and screeching bats. It was terrifying, thrilling, funny, and hot. Pics and vids to come.

Then, there was the hot date with Andy at my place. A few g&t before he came over and my body seemed utterly lubricated and open. Finally! some more ass fucking. Pics to come - thank god Andy kept the camera nearby this time. Of the 98 pics, I think 1/3 are all of me sucking cock. If flickr does the slide-show option, I bet you could speed it up real fast and make like I'm actually sucking cock in front of you. ... yeah, I peed in the sink.

Just hang tight, darlins, help is on the way...


Anonymous said...

Why did you just pee in the sink??

lola said...

anon, it's in reference to the forthcoming pics of my night with Andy. I was a bit buzzed and goofing off.