Friday, August 3, 2007

The Sets

Again, I recommend you don't start just by launching into the photos, but that you cruise the sets. I spend quite a bit of time artfully uploading.

updated sets:
w.Phillip / Naughty: He kidnapped me out to his farm and tied me up. Left me to wait around while he let his dog out. The barn sounded of squeaking mice and squealing bats. Flies buzzed me and I had to pee. He made me pee in an old dog dish inside a dog cage. Then, he tied me belly-down to a wooden table (fear of splinters!), tied my ankles and wrists to the legs, beat me with a short plastic cord, and fucked me.

w.Andy / Naughty / underwear: Andy came over on Friday. He didn't ask for anything in particular so I went with the short skirt and blue top. You get fabulous pics I shot of tits and cock sucking. He came back on Thursday and asked for corset and stockings. We realized we were running out of time. He kept click click clicking away. You get a lot of cock sucking, fingering, licking, and blue gets a night on the town. Blue Butt Plug comes out for a visit and primes my bum for some good ol' fashioned ass sex. You also get the aforementioned pee pee shots where I decided, slightly buzzed, that the sink needed a good washing down with urine. Thank god my bum can still fit in a sink!

Next week you'll get Andy Asks for Naughty Librarian with Lola's New Haircut. It's our last episode for now. Hopefully we'll get together in the future for some more play.

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noman said...

Great photos! Well worth the download time on my dial up and the risk of getting caught with naughty pics on my new computer. Some of the scenes are right out of Criminala Minds or Silence of the Lambs. It will bring out the dom in anyone.

Does Andy know how lucky he is?