Friday, July 13, 2007

Cohm-pruhn leuh frohn-say

I got a MacBook
I got Pimsleur french on tape... ameri- /cahn/ versus /ken/; oui; vous etes

ooh la la

Yeah, okay, the Macbook is all it's cracked up to be, but transferring over from PC to Mac is killing me. 1GB flash drive. Have to get a 6-4 firewire for the external hard drive as a translator and moving van. (Tried the ethernet cable, but can't seem to get them to recognize each other)

No sex. All planning and tinkering.
Haven't even gotten to the iPod yet. Or the iWork. Or the MS for Mac. Tinker Tinker.

Got a friend doing a rummage sale this weekend out on the west side. Gonna bike out there. About 9 miles. Gave about 8 boxes of crap. Sorting, dusty, trying on old clothes, getting rid of painful shoes, je suis, je ne comprehend pas, non mademoiselle, some kitchen things, some old old lame books (my Stats book, pdh).

Learning how to run lately, too.

Who has taken over my body and mind???

Meanwhile, the days are flying by at work. 2 weeks, 3 days. I'm still in negotiations with a woman about her apartment in Paris. At some point I'll just have to take a leap of faith.

Mais oui.
Meh we mahd-eh-muh-zell.


root said...

Macbooks and firewire? Now you're getting me hot.

J said...

S and I have been on the Couch to 5k program for about a month now. It works pretty well! -J

noman said...

I just got a new imac & I joined the ipod generation with the free nano that came with it. When I get my new dsl connection and try my webcam, I'll really feel a generation younger than I am.

Ou est la bibliotheque? Bon chance...

lola said...

root, glad I could crank your knobs a bit. Too bad you can't come over and help me with this firewire problem! ;)

j, great to hear the couch-to-k is working. Now I know I'm on the right track -- b/c it HURTS! Running is hard!

noman, We can ichat now!!! I have yet to use the microphone/cam. You can be the first to get a striptease to "Non, je ne regrette rien."

darth sardonic said...

fucking cool. i love that teetering on the razor's edge time, the getting shit done as the days count down and wondering what it is going to be like...? very very cool. you're gonna have a blast.