Friday, July 6, 2007

Rape isn't always an unmitigated evil

This guy has good intentions but bad execution.

Here's the issue he's talking about:

Here's his rant (nsfw):

why do you think you are nuts?


noman said...

Lots of states like Connecticutare passing and considering similar laws and the bishops don't like it. A couple of years ago then Gov Romney vetoed the Massachusetts bill because of religious considerations (big surprise).

lola said...

That's great news about CT... and fuck the bishops. At the hearing on this bill in WI, there were about 4 priests who testified that they're 'compassionate' and counsel their parishoner women to not 'punish' the fetus by having an abortion if they get pregnant. Evil, I say. And they will meet their wrath. ... To counter, there was a woman pastor and several other people of faith which was great. The one true religion ain't so anymore.