Friday, July 20, 2007

Computers r sexxxy

I have been doing a lot. For instance, today I entered and left my apartment 8 times. To work at noon, home at 4 for a 40 minute quickie with Andy, out to the gym at 6 with James, back out for a jog/walk (wogging?), back out to the store for booze. I am being consumed by cardboard boxes. Packing this weekend for my aunt, the mule, going to Chicago to my parents. I've also been consumed with this PC-to-Mac transition. Learning new shortcuts, learning how to type on a laptop, playing, setting things up how I like them.

I solved the 6-4 firewire problem and just installed some plugs into the Dell. root, because you got so hot I went ahead and made a documentary of it all. All the pics are over at Flickr (ask for the invite if you don't have it already - don't worry, I don't care who you are and I don't ask questions). They get progressively more cheesy, more pin-up, more sexy, more silly. It was fun. And then I got down to business. They certainly make it easy enough to install hardware. Thank god. (Oh yeah, and check the "underwear" and "naughty" sets over on Flickr - more new pics there, too.)

Spread-eagle installments. Maybe the remake will include a fantasy about a girl in a bikini fixing a computer instead of the famous pool scene.

I'm reading this book right now called "60 Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong" - in some regards, I'm already a French person according to some of these

Clichemonster made me a hot flyer for my going away party. I hope you all will clap and then print it out and stick it up all over town. Thanks so much darling.


Bad Man said...

I would hit that like an asteroid strike, wiping out the dinosaurs. Damn sexy.

lola said...

you so sweet, suga.

Rune said...

sorry i couldn't be there, hotstuff. guess i'll just keep carrying around this hard-on i've had for you for years.