Thursday, December 14, 2006

When there's time, but for now...

enjoy this:

my new favorite band:

A few of the moments of late:

little girl & military man

**Dentist visit: good results, not so bad in pay, it's an xmas gift
**The general surgeon stuck his latex finger in my bumstar and proclaimed I had no hemorrhoids - I think he wanted to laugh at me for going in to check.
**I've completed 5 applications to grad schools.
**I might be going on a date soon.
**I was invited and went to a holiday party where we shook it to the '80s.
**Mister Mister bought us tickets to Coachella next April - although I don't plan that far ahead.
**I'm going to the Nutcracker on Friday night. I've never seen the Ncracker. My lovely ex & pal, pdh is dancing in it. He also bought me a gift I requested: a text book on Microeconomics. I'm so psyched for my holiday reading!
**I registered for my first 2 classes in years and I am so giddy it's like Santa and the Easter Bunny are double-penetrating the Toothfairy in my head. M/W, 4:30-6:50 Basic Statistics; T/R, 8-9:15 Economics.
**The only downside to these days of late [which, lord, how can it be considered a downside since it's only the 2nd time all year] is a cold sore ... I'm still a very good person who is very very sexy.

More photos to come....


a said...

God, I love TV On the Radio.

Enjoy your classes. It's exciting stuff. Or at least it is to me. (Even if the classes are boring.)

Hex said...

They are a fun bunch, aren't they?

lola said...

Just a hoot. Let's have 'em over for eggnog and christmas cookies.

darth sardonic said...

the band is badass, beware my limewire will soon fill up with tv on the radio.

i fucking choked at the santa/easter bunny/tooth fairy reference! why the fuck can't more authors use similar metaphors?

the world would be a better place.