Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Welcome to CDOA v.3

Not the most unique re-naming, but I like Cheating Death Once Again. I think it's something I should get tattooed somewhere on my .. yeah, upper lip! Ha.

I could take forever to pull this website together and there's really not much that I'm trying to do. I mean, I'm too lazy and short on time in life to actually make a website - or actually create fun things on a website - or even edit this stupid layout so that the white space is wider. But oh well. I started in spiral notebooks and then pocket Moleskines and then Geocities and now this. It's not about the frosting as much as it is about the moist cake.

Thanks to you for coming back and coming through. Oh, and, if you know James or my parents or my sister or any of my relations or my bosses, please don't forward this link to them. James will ask when he wants it, as will everyone else I hope.

So, I'll get it out already! YOU, my friend, have to start at the bottom of the page though. So get to it by going here

Don't peek! Don't jump ahead! I've written enough to keep you entertained for a while today. Please read in order. No cheating!.... or, well, ahem... cheating...



root said...

Glad to see you're back. For of piss and vinegar as always.

Ray said...


Damn I missed you.

pdh said...

thank god almighty

noman said...

yahoo! lola's back! laissez les bon temps roulez...

lola said...

What a nice welcome back. Thank you!!! It's nice to be back and I'm totally flattered that I've been missed. More coming this week/end. xoxo to you!!

Anonymous said...

love to see you're blogging again, although feeling a little worried that this may mean a slight change to our frantic and frenzied "and then she ... hangon i have to go to a meeting", and "i couldn't beleive he let me... whoops i have to go get my laundry" conversations.

out of loony bin. all headed in correct direction, whatever direction that might be

kisses for the sweet lolita

you know who.

darth sardonic said...

nice to see you back, and as promised, you are back among my pals on my own (shitty) blog.

not that you need me as much as i need you. lol

darth sardonic

P said...

lo-ver -- check it out:


knew you'd approve.