Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday present - from you?

Hi, friends -

My mum sent an email that she received a Fed Ex Amazon package mailed to me ("it's not ticking," she joked). Not sure who it's from or what's in it. In order for her to ship it to me or for my sister to bring it to me from the US, she'd have to open it and know what's inside. I'm guessing it's a book. However, if you, by any lovely chance, happened to be so kind as to send me a birthday present, and if it happens to be a dildo, erotica about spanking, a porno of midget incest, or a pair of delicious anal plugs - please drop an email to confess so I can warn my poor (yet super duper cool) mother and ask her to ship them over.

Many thanks in advance.


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