Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I see London, I see France


I'm not even able to stay home to pack decently. I have to be on the road for work today, off-site all day Wed, off across the state Thurs to return at 9:30pm and pack for my 3pm flight. Sigh. Not a moment to actually stop and think and enjoy this so unusual jet-setting.

Sat - fly into London, hop the Eurostar train to Paris
Sun - Paris
Mon - Paris, visit Sciences Po
Mon night - Eurostar to London
Tues - London, visit Univ College
Wed - London
Thurs - fly back home

Sex? What's that? R-n-R? What's that? This is official business.

I guess you'll hear all about it upon my return. Hopefully my new digicam will arrive [dumb Amazon mix-up] and you'll get pix when I get back. When I get home, I make a decision about schools that Friday and I get that first May weekend alone. Then a week of work, a weekend to visit the parents and celebrate Mother's Day with my birthday [it's Sunday, May 13th and I'd like a laptop, PDA, and anything else found on the Amazon wishlist - I'll be 32 - you should buy me something]. Week of work and then May 19th off to Mexico with "no-name Joe" for a week. At least he planned the trip so we'd get Memorial weekend back home. Settle down, settle in. June work and train a new staff person. July work, train, quit, pack up my life. August store my life, move somewhere. September start school.

The train has left the station. And it's like a super fast jet train. I'm not driving. I've turned my wheel over to jesus, the cosmos, Mother Nature, buddha, allah, the aliens, the secret plotting between my soul and the universe.

I guess it's what I wished for and I guess it's coming true. Impermanence is permanent.

If I could have anything without worrying about the consequences, I'd go for two years in Paris. Learn my third language, spend my days roaming Henry Miller, Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, and learn to debate social policy in French.

My horoscope says I should take a minute on Monday and have a tea or be by myself to contemplate and take it easy. If you send your post mail addy in time, I will send you a postcard.


Monster said...

Jesus, the cosmos, Mother Nature, the Buddha, Allah, the aliens, and the secret plotting between lo's soul and the universe all walk into a bar. A drunk pulls out a cigarette, and looking at the group, asks - "Anybody got a light?"

Thanks, I'll be here all week.

darth sardonic said...

tip the waitstaff.

wish i got to be as bohemian as you get to, but would probably only enjoy it for a brief period of time. i have add when it comes to what i enjoy lol.

i'll get you something cool off of amazon in may if you buy me a drumset in june? sound fair?

you're gonna have a blast. say "heya" to henry miller for me.

noman said...

how ya gonna keep 'em
down on the farm
after they've seen

darth sardonic said...

you're gonna hate me. i tagged you for this game thing on my blog. i know, i know, it is dumb. but i have so few friends. lol.

hope that is ok, but please don't feel like you have to do anything with this info.

lola said...

Darth, totally wouldn't hate you for that. What's tagged mean though? Just like, you posted a comment saying I should do it? If it's mindless, it's something I could use right now for sure. Re-adjusting to timzeones.

darth sardonic said...

that's more or less it, lola. you write ten things about yourself, hopefully the kind of stuff your readers might not readily know, then tag ten poor, unlucky sods who wouldn't hate you too much for doing so.

i actually only tagged four. i am lame.