Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hesitation Frozen

I'm having hesitation problems.

All dressed up and nowhere to go. To go to the dumb 80's Cock Rock Extravaganza at the local club or stay in my sexys at home.

To go to school in London or stay at home.

Whiney lil dilemmas that seem to plague me.

All of a sudden ... literally just this minute... I could hear Hex of Sleep Dirt saying.. Good lord woman, Cock Rock?!? GO!!!!!

Okay okay...

So, if you have a Good Lord Woman for London or Chicago or Pittsburgh or New York, please do pass it along. Especially if it's London because I booked a ticket to go to their open tour day at UCL end of April to early May and I need accommodations. Yeah. Really. Apr 28 - May 3. Booked.

Oh, and I started an analysis of my tour of Univ of Chicago but didn't finish it. After all, I'm "spring break" -- ha. Back to Stats exam studying tomorrow. For now, to fulfill Hex's scolding.


Ray said...

I wandered the French Quarter looking for friends, found none. Now I'm home in my non-sexys, but at least it's warm.

Good Lord, woman, you have to at least *visit* London and NY, right? I mean, they want you, so check 'em out and see if they smell right.

Hex said...

Such good advice, I'm gonna say it twice

Good lord woman, Cock Rock?!?