Friday, May 4, 2007

Ten things

I'm not sure what it says about me that this is the first time I've been "tagged" to do a list of things about me or fill-in-the-blanks. Not that it says anything about my readership, but I guess I lay low and don't really have the multitudes pinging me for my own babble. I'm happy to do it, and actually it would help to have themes for writing sometimes. So, if you come across a list or fill-in, don't hesitate to send it over, red rover. Thanks to Darth Sardonic for de-virginizing me in this activity.

Although, this is really general and not what I was expecting.

Ten things about me:
(Is this ten things you don't already know about me? Ten things related to favorite activities?)

One: I over-think things way too often.
Two: I have what feels like a head cold right now but could be residue from possible strep that my sister thought she had and I thought I was getting while on our trip.
Three: When I look in the mirror I see a lot of fat, and am never happy.
Four: I initiated my first french kiss when I was in 3rd grade with Shane Wheeler.
Five: I am afraid of the dark, deep water, peering through windows into dark rooms, fucking it all up, not being perfectly imperfect.
Six: I have two birth marks.
Seven: From above, when closed, my cunnie looks like she's gently smiling.
Eight: I have a patch of 6 hairs on my lower right back - my dad has the same thing on his.
Nine: I have tubes in my ears from bad ear infections as a kid.
Ten: I really am super duper annoyed by complainers, especially if they're fat and lazy.

So, I'm supposed to tag 10 people who should do this. I don't even know if 10 people read my blog. But if I did think that, I'd tag: Clichemonster, Cookiebush if she was still around online, Highly Recommended Thing of the Moment because I'd like to see 10 videos/games/funnies/links as ways to secretly tell a bit about the blog authors, James of course, noman because he's cloaked in mystery, Graydancer, Dearest Daddy but he'd balk at such banality I'm sure, Ray cuz wouldn't we all like to know more?, and Andy just to shake things up.


Cookiebush said...

Hey Lola! You got me to post! I 'splain a little bit where I have been. I'm looking forward to hearing more about school - I love that so many cool people I know are going back to school. It's the new black.

darth sardonic said...

lol this was perfect, and had i know i was deflowering you, i would've at least taken you to dinner, and been gentler at the start.

Monster said...


noman said...

For someone who is cloaked in mystery, it will be a trial for me to say 10 things about myself. But I'll give it a try. It might also be tough to find more than a couple of people to tag.

Can't wait to hear your decision about school...

James said...

She says, "I don't even know if ten people read my blog," but I'm not fooled. There is a little site meter at the bottom of the page. I think we call this literary license. ;)

I've never filled out those surveys, and would rather be counted in Dearest Daddy's camp. Banality indeed.

Much like the fabled Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Miss Lola has not been sighted or photographed in her natural environment in some time, but I can verify that she was seen at the gym just last eve.

I will miss the Lola creature when she flies away to foreign forests. Will we hear her distinctive double knock again in these parts?

I hope so.


lola said...

Odd how the sight of you, James, made me well up with tears. I do miss seeing you my dear dear friend.

Ray said...

Wow, I've never been tagged for one of these thingies before.

I'll try to come up with something this weekend. I'm nodding off already....