Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two months


It's been two months since Mr FD and I have known each other.

My first connection:
Date: March 30, 2008
Subject: Cheers
From a fellow kinkster in Paris.

This is the first time I've composed a message to send on this site. Late night inspiration and wistfulness that you're over in [another European city].

Best of luck to you in your search,

He replied:
Date: February 22, 2009
Subject: a quickie, albeit virtual

I am much too busy too write anything substantial (ending a long nomadic period next week while juggling to finish several projects) but I really dig your profile.

And since I notice I had already saved you in my fav's without any memory of it (that tells as much about my palimpsest memory as about the kind of Log-Under-Influence states that see me around here at times) I'd rather do something about it before I forget totally about you again.

Anyway, since there is not guarantee at all you have any interest in being in touch, it is no catastrophe.

If you have 2 min to spare have a look at my profile and I promise I won't shun a note dropped, in case.

Une bonne nuit, si tu dors.

...and so it goes... and so life goes...


Second homestay in CH was amazing and I am a painting.

Now, school. Hot for teacher. Readings. Last month of everything. Writings. Meetings. Editings. Senioritis. Future fears.

Things are moving quickly. The picture flickers 100 beats per minute.

Just breathe.
Through my eyelids.
Like the lizards.

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