Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pauline (heart) Mario

I reblogged this on Tumblr and then got this message from Mr FD:

I was the best Donkey Kong player in the world on the original arcade machine booth. Or it is a tie.

I could play it until the end of the program, then it would loop back to the first level, etc. Longest I played, publicly was over 8 hours then the place closed.

There were a couple of other games like that too.

Daddy has other related stories from the period...


Yeah, the non Hollywood screenplay would go something like this:

If you did organize a tourney at the time on the original booth, you would only measure capacity of contestant to cope with stress and physical / emotional resistance. Not any game skills.

Because the game, in my memory so you know it can be approximate, was made of 4 levels. When you finished level 4, the whole thing would start again but in a higher speed and thus a couple of times until it become extremely fast and very difficult to complete. Then............ Back to the very first level. Everything absolutely the same. So if you had mastered the game you could basically play it endlessly. I won tons of money (for a kiddo) doing that.

While I was not aware of anyone else who did in the different places I was playing in, I imagine there must have been quite a few others. No clue whether it is a few hundred, thousands or more. We could start a very democratic club in any case.


Of course he'd say that. Coincidence doesn't exist.

This is how I feel:

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