Thursday, December 4, 2008

The French Dom

He works in finance. He's barely younger than my father. He used to be assistant deputy to the Prime Minister. He drives a Smart car. He wanted me to eat at our date. He is mysterious and his version of slave/master is different than I know it. We'll see how the date goes.

From Tumblr:

Me: many questions

the French dom: You're smart and you're certainly deeply perverted or "pervertable" ;-)

the French dom: Stop pondering! It's a huge waste of energy at the stage you are at. You will be trained to serve not because of an "ability" but because this is what you desire, and you just have to admit it and be shameless about it.

the French dom: Story of O, the beautification of a woman totally helpless in the firm hands of a ruthless, but kind in depth, master

the French dom: I want you to serve me to perfection, to learn, know and want to please me however difficult this may be for you and to know that this is not only your duty but your pleasure

the French dom: All form of trousers are strictly forbidden, so skirt or dress. All underwear is strictly forbidden, including hiding it in your coat or handbag ;-). You will wear stockings, preferably black, but not the self standing ones, those you need a garter belt to hold them up, and this garter belt has to be as simple and sleek as possible.(you have an unlimited budget from me for this)

Me: ... always liked an unlimited budget. And just so you's all don't freak out. A woman totally helpless and serving to perfection as duty - well, you gotta brush up on your bdsm knowledge and knowing that this is actually total liberation as in Women's Lib circa '70s, except reinvented for the '00s. Just as a man CEO can go to a dominatrix for ball-crushing release, so, too, can a successful woman go to a dom for breast-crushing freedom. I do have a deep desire to learn what it's like to be completely submissive, but I'm finding it's harder to imagine than it was before. Not so much for safety sake, but control factors. I'm so in control these days and haven't had to let much go - not with the Beekeeper, not the Filmmaker, not the TV Producer (I directed the spanking, not him), not the Spaniard, not the Italian. So, is it possible for me to let go entirely and be a subject? Hmmm interesting personal progression.


Anonymous said...

the very thought of your impending adventure makes my mouth water. just imagining the anticipation that you feel.....your excitement a brew of curiosity, imagination, naked lust and need......i would guess that you are anxious, excited....tingling, aching.....wet and struggling to keep your fingers away from thier target........

mmmm. have fun, lo-babe.


James said...

I had a really brief fantasy about you laughably trying to direct me while tied up. I hope you make it back so I can show you some of the wonderful progress and appropriate fortitude of character. Dominance needn't be an affectation.

Miss you much

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, this self assurance is rooted in a young woman named Lola who topped from beneath.

It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale methinks.