Friday, November 21, 2008

Spanky bottom

Sorry, James, but even a spanking is better than workout at the gym.

If Sir K reads this, I'd like him to know that I miss his flogging tremendously. It was better than a gym workout and better than the massage I had in London.

But tonight came very very very close to both.

A half-hour of catching up and and then 2 hours of pure spanking and fondling. Granted, I wish my cock-sucking skills weren't what they are, because men seem to call me back specifically for that talent. Still, he spent more time on me than I did on him. And, man, I feel relaxed as if I'd been to an all-day spa with pedicure, hair cut, deep Swedish massage, and a healthy fruit drink at the end.

He showed me the new art piece on his wall that he'd re-acquired from his ex wife. We were standing in the living room, after wine and talk of our vacations. I asked him to take it off the wall - an intaglio print (I may have impressed him). He put it back on the wall and reached to my sweater, unbuttoned it, and started pinching my nipples gently. "Harder," I whispered. He reached inside my shirt, pulled my tits out from my bra, and pinched them harder through the flimsy blue shirt. I kept my head down. He turned me around and bent me over the back of his couch. His right hand on my right cheek. Slapping then rubbing and then fondling me through my girl panties.

Pigtails, a school girl skirt, boots, and my girl panties. He knew I was coming over for this. It was no surprise. But I think we both thought it wouldn't be so prolonged. After a long while of interchanging his hands and my cheeks he pulled me up, changed the CD from classical to modern and lowered me onto my knees in front of him.

He helped me keep the rhythm with my hand and would lift my face forcefully to look at him. "Ask me to have more." I wanted to suck more because I wasn't sure my hand could last or that it'd get dry. And I wanted him in my mouth. He smells so sweet, so soft, so clean, so fresh, so pure and what I do to him is the complete opposite of this. "C'est bon ça." He says this and it reminds me of the Economist Beekeeper. I'll forever think of him when I hear those words. And, now I will think of both the lovers. "Je viens." He had my tits open and surrounding my hand on his cock and my mouth barely touching him. He wanted to move me so I wouldn't be assaulted by his cum, but I stayed and sucked and licked and chupa.

And then I showed him the toys and he wanted to try them out.

You can see some of the night over on Tumblr, where I posted some pics.

More will be over on Flickr soon. If you want to see them, let me know.

Somewhere between finger fucking me and spanking me at the same time, I decided I wanted to come home and be alone to sleep. I've slept better with Tall Tom than with the TV Producer. But more than that, I just wanted this moment with him. Not a full date. Just this needed moment.

God it was lovely.

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