Saturday, November 22, 2008

A nice reminder

Because I was just re-reading my profile and wondering if I'm turning into a spanko.

My Testimonials
Apr 2, 2007
lolita is totally beautiful on so many levels that it's difficult to use only words. She is more physically beautiful than her pics suggest, more insightful and intelligent than her profile suggests, has an especially sexy voice, smells great and tastes delicious!!

She's honest and considerate, and appropriate (i.e., a Lady when called for, and a GFE just when you hope so).

An exhilarating woman for any man to know, especially the more so for an experienced Dominant jaded by the vacuousness of so much of cyber.

This woman is not for the amateur, if your ready, she is that higher level that is calling.

Five stars.


W's Good Girl said...

Thanks for the blog. I am a fan!

But, what is a "spanko"?

lola said...

W's Good Girl: Thanks for reading and I do hope you enjoy!

A "spanko" is a someone who enjoys being spanked. If you check out my links on the right side - look at "Spanking Blog" and "Spanking Bethie" -- they're a couple and she's a great example of a "spanko."