Friday, August 22, 2008

my distractions

I had never seen an anal kiss or a tattooed pig

I know that the 'net has progressed to tiny bits and fleeting thoughts and spasms and pukes and taps on the shoulder and flashes in the night and ghosts out of the corner of the eye and documenting every breath or passing idea (good or bad). But I kind of like being able to spit it out once in a while, and have no reputation attached to it or any *real* traceback.

I am cleaning up the links on the right. If you find yourself misplaced, let me know.

Facebook can suck my left one -- and it does.

Wondering what will get me up in the morning next week when I have no commitments to be anywhere at anytime.

Stringing one along, balancing another, playing just enough hard to get.

Thinking I'm gaining weight by one mirror. Noticing I'm losing weight through another.

Smoking again.

Analyzing the first time - in a long, long time - I've felt like something was missing.

Praying to keep summer just one more month.

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