Monday, December 10, 2007

Help! I'm trapped in a dungeon!

Ok, no, I'm not.

I'm just busy. Like, when you work M-F 9-5 you have all this extra time to fraternize, masturbate, converse, ponder, eat, drink, be merry, take photos, make life. When you're in school, classes go until 8:30pm and happen on Saturday from 10am-12pm (which means you have to get up at 8am to get there on time) and then your group from another class wants to meet to go over the project and then you finally leave, cutting them all off, at 5pm. Your free time on Monday is spent running through stores to stock up on food, drink, clothes (damn it - never wash the white bras with a new, black skirt on accident), and Xmas for the family.

With Paris as the lovely back-drop.

Nuit Demonia was great! Sarah and I had dinner and lots of wine. Wilfried came to the apartment. We finished getting dressed and they loaned me a collar so I wouldnt' look like a dominatrix. We walked and talked to a lot of people.

My list of hit-ons:

1- cross-dresser guy with a collar who asked if I was interested in submitting right there,
2- a guy with a bit of a beard and V-neck who asked me where my power? interest? desire? was and grabbed my tit and ass and coochie (through a rubber skirt - not so feasible),
3- a straight-laced guy who said his dominance was in grabbing women's hair from behind while he fucked them (boring),
4- a hot German couple who let me suck her lusciously round and full tits
5- the spanko who didn't really hit on me at all but was sweetly shy

It was a bit of a let-down but I was prepared for that. After all, it was the biggest Paris bash with about 2,000 there. Mostly I saw men as subs (in full-mask dog outfits even) or as cross-dressers or as trannys. And women as starlet models, dommes, flappers in rubber and feathers (Japanese girls). It was the everyone party. I wasn't terribly set on finding anyone but was a bit hopeful. We didn't stay all night - thank goodness because, again, I have horrible priorities called school. Sarah and Wilfried crashed on my futon (I got a new single bed!). Got up the next day and went to class at 10am.

There will be photos I promise and there will be more details. It was a fucking great night to hang out with S&W and to meet so many people and have Sarah write "submissive bitch" on my chest and "slut" on my back and have attention paid to me for that. It was great to see so many subversives and my jealousy seeped out in waterfalls. My time will come, I know this. For now, I have other concerns to prepare myself, but I'm keeping an eye out.


James said...

There is no shame in the mundane. It's just awful hard to write about.
Love you sweetie,

mistertoady said...

Looking for Lola.
Back on line.
Mourning Mail is back up.
"mistertoady" no good for email

Daddy Riley