Monday, December 17, 2007

6 Things I Owe You

In brief:
1) I still owe you info on Nuit Demonia. Basically nothing amazing came of it except I had a fun time with Sarah and Wilfried. And got to see some amazing costumes. And get hit on by a man in a wig and heels, a guy who grabbed me, and a boy in leather pants who thought rough fucking would melt me.

2) Is 23 too young? Well, he plays pool better than I do. And he's got a rough manner from being in hockey in Canada. Yes, there's a bit of a cock-staying-hard issue. But twice is okay. More.. We'll see.

3) Julien has drifted out of the picture. I think he's got issues with his ex and finding a place for the interim and he just wasn't doing it for me.

4) I just got home from 3 hours at a hamman bath house. Water, steam, sauna, naked people, and sex. I've got my period so there was no sex-sex, but there was oral. Oh, Paris you'll make me a dirty dirty slut. ... or is she just bringing more of it out?

5) I'm going to Madrid from the 22-26. My ex-neighbor man the Scot lives there now. We'll see how 4 days go. I haven't been to Madrid since 1998. I'm psyched to say the least. I hope we don't get on each others' nerves which is completely a possibility since we really really don't know each other.

6) My bottom is lonely.

So, darlings, seasons happiness and joyful tidings and all that hoopla. It's only 20F but there's no snow here which makes me a very happy puppy. I'm not pregnant - that's always great news. I'm exploring and being courageous. I have 4 big papers I have write due in January (one is on the comparison of prostitution policies in Sweden, Netherlands, and Australia - such a dirty mind). I am overly lucky and very content.


PS. I posted the outfit I wore to Nuit Demonia and a round of new birdie panties on the flickr. If you don't have access, email me.


a said...

Yes, perhaps it is the silly academic in me, but I'd love to see your paper.

The rest sounds nice too.


Monster said...

Lonely Lola bottom = Paris kiddies not knowing what they're missing, says I.

Wilfried said...

We're on Friday, the 28th. You have 4 days to post something, anything... Or you'll owe us a "Happy New Year" (I let the "Merry XXXMas" slip away).

I like the idea of you owing "us" something. Lonely bottom ?

noman said...

mmmm - 3 hours at a hamman bath house. Sounds like my kind of place. And yours.

Bonne et Heureuse Année!