Thursday, November 29, 2007

ok, just a peek

I spent way too much money. I mean, way too much money. But a girl's gotta dress up now and again, right? And, then she's got to have a ball to attend. Forget the pumpkin when the party's only 2 blocks from her humble abode.

I'm only giving a preview because I don't want to spoil the surprise. (I can hardly contain myself though. It's way too much money but I think I look so damn cute, sassy, strong, spankable, unzippable, lickable, beatable, bindable, like the best whorish bottom ever in the history of slutty subs. Ok, that's a lot but damn I think I look good. And might develop an addiction to rubber and latex. Watch out world!)

Yes, well, as you can see... next week is this rather blow-out annual event called Nuit Demonia. It's sponsored by this bdsm chain store, Demonia. It's not an intimate soiree (lovely stories of these at people's houses or intimate gatherings at small clubs). It's like First Avenue on fetish crack - and only two blocks from my apartment! So, I'll only have the slow click-clack down the 100 stairs, and then the careful swagger up the hill (covered in the long coat of course), and a slight duck-and-weave around the hookers and pimps and tourists. Hm, maybe I should take a taxi. Heh. Kidding. ... La Loco.

I went to Phylea for the get-up and had a great time. I had Tuesday off so I got up slowly, got off real quick (well, it took 2 hours), ate, put on my thick thigh highs and garter, German arty skirt and lolly-gagged down the bus line to Chatlet. Walked slowly through the narrow streets I didn't recognize from when Wilfried brought me on Day One in Paris. Once there, I name-dropped Wilfried, blushed furiously, and finally broke down and asked for dressing help. I told the event, described my interest: short skirt, but modest (like mid-thigh) and a top. HA! I should have taken photos of the costumes. Seriously. Everything fell into line for me to spend too much money. The owner Henvy(?) switched the tunes over to Justin Timberlake's Bringing Sexy Back. Of course. And the dresses and compliments came flowing.

So, there was the long, black, sleeveless, zip-up dress. And a pair of 1-size-too-big, black, shiny platform heels. I loved the shoes. The dress made me think Dominatrix. Not the vibe I wanted to give off. Next was this yellow and red latex see-through skirt with 2 zippers up/down the ass/legs - revealing my ass cheeks for sure (and my garters), with a matching long-sleeve latex yellow and red top. I laughed to him that the boob line didn't match my tits and he said I had to uhm, ahem, reach in and pull them up. A ha! (Such a moron) I pulled them up, but alas they looked like fried eggs.

"Not flattering, and not modest enough for me," I told him.
"Mais non! It's good. You know, when you meet your Master you'll have to dress zis way when he says so."
"Yes, I know. But that hasn't happened yet."

I was a complete wreck trying to get my arms out of that shirt. I was already starting to sweat and sweat+latex=stick. Luckily, he was completely helpful and not at all offended by my casual nudity or inexperience. He did guffaw at my pickiness though. But I told him it was akin to my debutante ball and I wanted to look damn good. I'm wholly exaggerating here, but I've been talking about buying fetish clothes since I got here. Might as well invest in something that will last me a lifetime, or at least until I get fat or someone tears it off me.

The next offering was a black and red rubber skirt with matching long-sleeve rubber top. What's with the long-sleeves? I don't want to melt for fuck's sake. I mean, a stream of sweat is one thing but a complete pass-out melt-down - not hot at all. (hardy har har)

But there was a good ploy on his part. Keep the skirt on the girl and then throw 2 pieces for a top. Very smart businessman. Take advantage of my high and my picky and sell the whole store to me. (Sadly the heels didn't come in my size or I would have probably bought those, too.)

I walked out a bit more broke and a whole lot more excited.

So, here's a sneak.

You'll get more next week, I promise.


a said...

Thank you for the post... I'll pretend it was a special birthday present, just for me...

Anonymous said...

chere lola,

you make me hard, baby.


Monster said...

this is a brilliant exchange:

"Not flattering, and not modest enough for me," I told him.
"Mais non! It's good. You know, when you meet your Master you'll have to dress zis way when he says so."
"Yes, I know. But that hasn't happened yet."

My money says you're only concerned about the coat-coverage on the way in.