Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oy, homework

We were given chapters 1-3 on Tuesday am for Thursday am. Three! chapters. Um, hello. I work for a living... Also, as I told M. and pdh, "Class went well. The econ prof is a crazy geeky hippie lady who is married w 5 cats. Yeah, crazy cat lady. And the kids are -- kids. All about 19-22 years old and really kind of the bottom of the barrel of society. It'll be interesting for sure."

Today, in my stats class, I was given the task to purchase a stats or graphs calculator. I haven't owned a calculator in years because, nicely, Bill Gates planned ahead and installed one in every fucking computer!!!

I hope it cools down a bit next week so I get weekends to really focus on all my reading. Lordy. .. I am, indeed, still psyched, but I'm also tired as hell. It's kind of a draining rush to go back to school after 8 years. Met a nice young lass in my stats class who, like me, did undergrad in art and now we're playing catch-up for real world pursuits -- this, I am learning, has everything to do with economics, too. ;)

My boss made me have the realism chat today. When am I planning on leaving my job? When should they hire someone to try to get 2 months training in? ... I told her I've only really been thinking in incremental steps so I wouldn't go insane with this enormous shift in lifestyle. First, researching schools. Second, applying. Third, get W-2 back to apply for financial aid. Fourth, hear back from schools. Fifth, negotiate funding with the schools. Sixth - somewhere around April - decide where to go. Seventh, contemplate moving and quitting my job. Apparently, I can't move along in orderly fashion. I have to think beyond myself and my own fears and interests. And, it kind of hit me. I'm actually leaving a job I've held for almost 6 years in a place I've lived the longest in my life. And, I actually have to think about storage pods, transportation, new living situation, finances -- all over again and in a new light. It's exciting and terrifying.

2007 is about "no to never!" and adventure.

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Monster said...

C'mon Lo -

"no to never!" is weak.

Bust out a "FUCK NEVER!" and let's dispense with the flowery shit. ;)

Much love and more power to ya, girlie -