Monday, January 1, 2007

I am your best dream, I am my worst nightmare

I really, really, really didn't intend to drink that much. Thank god I ate enough beforehand, and - now remembering - afterwards. Alas, no regrets! Not a damn one! Great fucking time!

  • Roger NYC and I chatted at great length early in the evening. I even gave him a slow moon on my webcam.
  • SirMax swung by to return my CDs and give me a copy of "The Secretary" [of course, I've seen it, love it, but didn't have my own]. He was looking extremely dapper in a tux. Not sure where he went for the evening, but that was one lucky lady!
  • The cab wait only took 7 minutes.
  • The High Noon Saloon was not sold out as I had feared.
  • All the bartenders were super sweet to me. [The dude one even bought me a Jameson shot.]
  • I spent about 7$ on the "Revenge of the Sith" pinball game. Stupid fucking game with it's trick magnet in the middle right. [I totally want one of these!]
  • Saw a. and was sweetly invited to dance by him during the greatest fucking Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons show EVER!
  • Shane of SCC&P was dressed as baby New Year in diapers and a silver sash. Such a fucking cutie as he counted down.
  • Didn't dance with a. because I was "accidentally" bumping into this cute punker kid standing kind of behind me.
  • 2007 came in and I kept dancing and started plotting how I'd steal a kiss from the cute punker guy.
  • At the end of the SCC&P set, I turned, looked into his eyes and just leaned in and kissed him. His lips didn't really open up and he kind of leaned back like he was totally caught off guard, which he was. And I said, "Sorry. I just didn't get a kiss at New Years and wanted one." [I'm sure if the sexes in this scenario were changed I'd be sued for sexual harassment. Then again, I'd also be a very stunning, hot guy.]
  • I drank a few too many jack & cokes.
  • I didn't want to wait for the line in the bathroom and instead, left the bar, hopped over the short wall, facing the deserted lot and the gas station far off, an I peed next to two punk girls who I think were smoking crack.
  • I sat outside at a table, had a smoke, and coerced a dying poet and an Iraq war veteran to kiss me for New Years. [The military dude kept calling me "Loooooooola" all night every time he'd see me. It was endearing.]
  • Cute pucker dude and I made serious eye contact during the next band and between sets he told me he was going to sit up front to watch the next band and I should come up there.
  • Actions becoming hazy.
  • I found him sitting on a stool in front of the bar and I stood next to him. He pulled me to him - kind of on his lap, kind of between his legs, and I leaned back. We made out. I .... of course, dirty Lola... started to rub his cock behind my back.
  • Words becoming hazy.
  • Somehow we went outside the bar and he somehow pulled me over to where his bike was locked up against the chain-link fence in the corner behind the fenced-in dumpsters.
  • He mentioned something about just ending a super duper long relationship.
  • We started kissing.
  • And somehow I pulled him behind the dumpsters and leaned him up against the fence.
  • And somehow I squatted down onto my knees and unzipped his pants.
  • And somehow he was so hard and so perfectly sized for my mouth I felt like this was the way to bring in the New Year.
  • And somehow I wasn't too drunk to be too sloppy.
  • And fucking somehow he tasted so fucking fucking fucking fantastic. I want to know what his diet is.
  • We laughed that his friend had come and taken his own bike, which was locked up a few feet away from where we were.
  • He couldn't believe that I didn't want reciprocal attention.
  • I told him I'm not a normal chick and that what we just did was exactly what I wanted. [God, I hope he didn't think I was a trans or CD!]
  • A bartender came out of the dumpster area just as we were leaving.
  • We ended up under the heated lamp stand on the patio.
  • Why did I end up giving Shane of SCC&P my phone number? And, why did I tell him where I work? Good lord...
  • a. came up and totally made me fucking wet my pants again as he made full on mouth love to Shane.
  • Then, a. recognized the punker guy I was with and talked him up about music. [Thank god a. could remind me what punker guy's name was today. Apparently, through the rabbit hole of the web I found out that punker guy isn't really so punk either... but he looked fucking incredible last night, and kissed so wonderfully with slow, big, wet lips.]
  • And when I was about to head to the Weary Traveller with cute punker guy to meet up with my friends Ms. M and pdh, and he with his - coincidence - a. told me that M and pdh were actually upstairs at the High Noon.
  • So, cute punker guy and I hugged and thanked each other and he went on his way... although I was kind of let down a bit cuz he rather dissed me. I mean, I was being totally "I'm not a whiny girl and I don't have to come to the Weary with you and I'm not having sex with you so if you don't want me to come, you should say so.. seriously." And, well, he said so. Not in so many words, because men in Madison are fucking feminists.
  • pdh, Ms. M, a. and some others and I hung out in the upper balcony. Some of the others were naughty, naughty girls who smoked up there and I think one said that she could understand my sucking-behind-the-dumpsters story because she used to be a hooker. And, I think I rudely clarified that I was indeed not a hooker. HA! .... I'm not because if I were I'd fucking have enough money to pay for grad school.
  • pdh, Ms. M and I drove over to Cafe Montmartre because I remembered that 2 years ago [when James almost dumped my sorry ass because I was super drunk and thought I wanted to go home with the Cafe's owner] they had food. They did not, in fact, have food last night. But they did have good music [and it was so less packed than 2 years ago, too]. pdh and Ms. M went home and I stayed to shake it a bit more and ran into an old pally.
  • Danced with a drunk military looking boy who had the most fucking freezing hands and arms I've ever felt and they did not get warmer over time. Trust me, I tried to warm them - nothing vulgar. We went into the Sidecar, where no one was at, I pulled out a chair and tried to warm his hands by putting them between my clothed legs. Drunk Lola, "See? You put your hands in the warmest places to warm them, like under your armpits or between your thighs..." What a moron. His military buddies came and stole him back and I realized that was my cue to go home.
  • I remember pigging out on corn chips and dip. One channel on TV had only an American flag flapping - and that was it.
  • Somehow I got my pjs on, but did not wash my face.
  • I woke up at 1:34pm today and that was surprising.
  • I woke up fucking happy about the night - and that was wonderful.

I hope each of you had a grand time ringing it in last night. Share your stories!! What did you do?


More about last week maybe this week.



a said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely night.

I know I did.

Monster said...

Yes, but did you play Scattergories?

I. Didn't. THINK. So.


Graydancer said...

That sounds like an incredibly cool night. Not to drop names, but my co-worker is the roommate of one of the band members. Since I don't know which one, it's a pretty lame attempt at name-dropping, to be sure.

But I'll make up for it. After going ballroom dancing (my minx's fantasy) and learning to foxtrot via trial by fire (aka dancing for 10 minutes with a series of grandmothers dressed like neon signs) we went to a nice little hotel play party and did things like this:
Not work safe, but it was much fun.

lola said...

monster, no, shamefully I did not get to play Scattergories. But I love words that end with "gories."

graydancer, I think one has to actually _drop_ a name in order for it to be called "name dropping." Your comment is disqualified for sure, but it does land you in the "I kinda know cool people so therefore must be cool" categor[ies]. As well, the ballroom dancing totally places you and your minx into "I am too cool for school" group. The document of your evening is absolutely glorious and yummy and lickable.

noman said...

looks like the mother teresa of love is spreading her good deeds around the clubs again...