Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cupid, pierce me

Lola had her bumstar filled

oh joys of slow, deliberate, hours long passion

of mussed up hair and pretty clothes that are removed

of lube layered layered sprayed squirted doused

of patience and embarrassment

of stages of increasing sizes

but more, gagging until repulsive sounds were made as belly burps

tongue lapping and clit sucking

fingers and clinical gloves - snap snap they go on

oh fingers in front and cock in behind

laughing and kissing and hiding my face

tongue fucking my pucker

and finally ... sucking you up into me in geyser fulls

and there will be jazz and blues and sounds overlaying the scents we left on sheets and in pores


Monster said...

In between the welcome warm waves of restless pain

I can hear your pencil scratch your Sketches of Spain

darth sardonic said...

man, it is completely hot how these choppy sentences convey hours of wonderful, crazy, heavy sex.

i know i tell you all the time, but you know you're gifted?

would love a signed first edition.