Monday, February 8, 2010

The nooner

My friend told me on Friday about a potential date he was going to have for a guy to suck his cock. It's been a personal fantasy of mine to see guy-on-guy action. A long-standing fantasy at that. I don't usually wank to gay porn, because I usually envision myself as the bottom in the porn scenario and if the bottom has a cock it kind of confuses my lust. Nonetheless, over all my years of crazy libido, I'd never watched live guy action. So, I told my friend I'd love to be invited to watch.

Turns out that his date's fantasy involved sucking a cock with a woman. And, my friend, well, he's up for almost anything.

The date plan was that my friend was going to cross-dress as a slut in black and heels and the date was going to come by over lunch break. The date's a rather stereotypical looking bear daddy who is married, living a quiet life over on the other side of town. My friend put us in contact via email to assuage any nervousness on the part of the date: who is this chick, what does she want, is she for real, etc...

We chatted a bit over email and I sent him the nudey lola with socks photo and the nudey lola riding the sex toy photo. I guess he was convinced because he replied with "OMG!!!!!!" Flattery will get you everywhere.

Got over to my friend's house and poured a small whiskey (all work being done for the day). My friend got all dolled up in his slutty CD outfit with black stockings, black top, and heels. He was quite a sight with his plaid lumberjack robe on top. The Date arrived. We were all a bit nervous - least of all was my friend, most of all was The Date. His hands were shaking when we introduced ourselves and his voice cracking and rapid, "So, this is your first time?" (He'd already asked me that in email.) He pulled out the poppers and put it on the table. They both took a hit and my friend, with lovely moaning porn on his laptop in the background, got up and straddled The Date on the couch so his cock was well positioned for The Date's mouth. I watched from a comfy chair across the room: hand in my tights, slowly finding my clit and working myself up.

My friend came over and put the poppers below my nose. Having never indulged, I thought poppers were pills (poppers, uppers, same idea in my mind), so I'm sticking my tongue out a bit waiting for him to drop one and he says, "You inhale." Of course, I blushed, but then the blushing turned to red balloon fire inflating of my cheeks as the rush hit me. I'm not sure it really did anything for me - and we sniffed a few more times - but damn if my friend's cock wasn't enormously hard and bursting at the seams.

My friend called me over to the couch to fondle myself there, in view for him and The Date. I wasn't planning on participating really. In my mind, I'd just envisioned being an onlooker, like some Eyes Wide Shut masked observer. Power in my distance, cooly watching as if they were my actors, or my homemade porn. I guess I'm like a bitch in heat though - a cock is around, I can sniff it out, and damnit I want it. I was a bit reluctant because the spontaneity did catch me off guard. How far would I go? Did I want to fuck? Did I want cum on my face or in my mouth? Did I want to be sucked? Thankfully, time was in check. This was a lunch date, not an all-nighter. The Date touched me tentatively and I let him. I played with his cock in my hand while he sucked off my friend and my friend sucked on my tits. It was a tangle of limbs - so much so that a leg movement and my friend almost bonked The Date.

It was super fucking hot to play with my clit and watch these two. The Date's lips tight around the head of my friend's cock, and his hand just below, gripping and stroking. A man who knows how to touch another man. Sure, there are chicks who know how to give blowjobs and handjobs well, and I'm damn fine myself, but there's still never quite perfection for me. I don't have this body part. I don't want to hurt it. I don't want to grab too hard or pull too much. My friend tells me he doesn't like wet things - isn't into kissing, doesn't like saliva much, hates gum. Me? I prefer slobbery wet blowjobs. I want spit on my face, trails of drool from a cock to my mouth, swallowing multiple pools of saliva. The Date knew just how much pressure in his hand, how much spit was needed. It was horny perfection.

My friend pulled my sweater off. (I'd already taken off my tights to show my little red cherry thong.) They both went at my tits and I kept my finger on my clit. The Date went back to my friend's cock and he shot his load as I moaned along.

Then it was done. Clothes put back on. The Date said I was hot and wiped up a bit of dripped cum on the floor with some toilet paper. I thanked them for letting me watch. My friend was like, fun and gotta run back to work.

It all happened so fast. Truly, a half-hour can go by like a wink. In my mind, I think I was imagining a drawn-out porn hour-long fantasy. Different positions. Some unplanned fucking. I wanted to see cock in ass. I wanted to roll around on the floor and call The Date "Daddy" and pretend my friend and I were siblings in some wack incest roleplay. Or, maybe they'd push the coffee table out of the way and get into a 69 while I touched myself, viewing from the couch. I'd pulled out my silver underwear bag thinking I might want the egg vibe - but there wasn't time. It was all over so quickly. Guess that means there's room for more expansion on this. Guess that means I can add it to my list of "Things To Explore More Fully." At least I got a good taste.


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Fucking wonderful

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thank you for this.

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wow!! you write well..