Sunday, February 28, 2010

Huh. Interesting comments of late.

Mostly I've been rejecting spam comments: lines and lines of links to drugs and chicks.

But the most recent on "The Nooner" is very interesting.


Other than that? It's been 2-1/2 weeks with my family. I'm somewhat losing my mind, considering one of those weeks was me sick with a horribly sore throat. This, of course, freaked me out and sent my mind into wondering if I'd contracted an STI from oral sex. Needless to say the swab revealed that I had haemophilus influenzae, a common bacteria, that my body did well fighting off on its own with the help of gargling salt water. (Seriously, I should listen more to this type of household advice.)

And, waiting. Waiting. Waiting for confirmation. I'm DC-bound for a job, but there are hoops to jump through and then Olympic-sized judges to confirm or reject my performance. The waiting is really getting to me. I scour the Craigslist apartment listings, find something I could live with (and in), and then hope it sticks around. I've given up on that one and will, instead, wait for the final confirmation before getting excited. It should be any day now. So they say.

I am excited about the move, and finally living in my first one-bedroom apartment. Having the salary to do so. Having a job. Making a difference again. And, getting the fuck out of my parents' house. They're lovely people, but it's not advisable to visit this long with parents once one has become an adult. I see their dysfunctionality much more clearly. And I don't want to.

Anyway... nothing fun to report. Just the good news of a job and the patience that is my karma.

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Anonymous said...

i think kinky 30-something's are oh so much hottie-er.

just sayin.