Thursday, February 26, 2009

fun with CL casual sex ads

[Feb 23 / on Tumblr]
Every once in a whie I get bored and flirty. When first started I’d play around with personas on it. I was the Easter Bunny, the Bridesmaid, a Santa’s Elf, a Homegirl, etc. It’s fun with words and words for fun. Sure, ultimately, I’d love a lay, but it’s more because I’m bored and don’t smoke pot. And… I’m a nerd. So, here’s the new one (accompanied by a photo of my cute birdy undies - on me, but not disgustingly revealing, because I do, sometimes, have taste).

Me: I am a little bird looking for her owner
Small body full of energy
Does not chirp well
No time for patient squawking
Feed me
A worm
Stroke me tenderly
Keep me in a cage
Make me sing

The robin is the one
That overflows the noon
With her cherubic quantity,
An April but begun.

I do not seek love:
But I told her, “I cannot feed
The little lovebird in you
For the women in my past
Were like vultures
And have eaten up
All my grains of love”

Can we?:
Now let us sport us while we may;
And now, like am’rous birds of prey,
Rather at once our time devour,
Than languish in his slow chapped power

A. Nin:
The fourth day Manuel stepped out on the terrace. Ten o’clock was the recreation hour. The schoolyard was animated. To Manuel it was an orgy of legs and very short skirts, which revealed white panties during the games. He was growing feverish, standing there among his birds, but finally the plan succeeded; the girls looked up.

Manuel called,” Why don’t you come and see? There are birds from all over the world. There is even a bird from Brazil with the head of a monkey.”

The girls laughed, but after school, impelled by curiosity, several of them ran up to his apartment.


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