Sunday, June 10, 2007

sun rise

so what? i sucked a black cock.
a huge black cock.

it doesnt beat the fuckin beautiful 5am sunsrise i saw over the lake today

i dont give more than i should to me, walking home at 3am, getting solicited from inside a car with a hand motion...get in , give u a ride.

i did cry. i'm not that dirty

but i was cheap tonight.

walked all the way to mickeys and back, solicited and all. bloody heels seeping.

i'm not that kind of whore.

tho maybe i shoulda tried it

but when i got to the pier
5am sunrise
monster fish flipping
birds chirping
i was new again
i sobbed
no one listening
no one caring
the birds helping
radiohead if i wanted to listen
but the silence
the laps of water
the me
the not me
the barely pink sky
barely showing me or them or us
i'm not a whore yet
i'm just over whelmed
patches of ripples
such peace on the water
me alone
not a single person in sight
i sobbed so loudly and then
ducks birds
kept chirping
i'm clean
i'm good
it's not so hard
it's hard
it's all simple
clear sky
ruffled pink sunrise
so quiet
so silent
and me
and the birds
no one to touch me
no one to touch
i sobbed
such peace at sunrise


a said...

i'll leave the praise in my head. but it's there.

lola said...

Thanks, a.