Saturday, March 3, 2007

Because music rocks

I am in total love with mash-ups. DJ Nick Nice has created a set of fucking rockin' mash-ups found here. [NWS]

Selected highlights:
Dj Riko (AC/DC vs Smokey Robinson) For Those About To Clown
Go Home Productions (Madonna vs Sex Pistols)-Ray of Gob
Apollo Zero (Nelly Furtado vs Vanilla Ice & Janet Jackson)-Nasty Promiscuous Baby
Dj Moule (Jamiroquai vs Jimi Hendrix vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)-Jami-Hendrix-Peppers
Notorious B.I.G. vs Frank Sinatra-Come On My Way Of Life
Philmann (Electric Six vs The Muppets)-Gay Muppet Bar

It downloads as one full mp3.

Also, my reliable lil' Creative Zen Micro from '94 finally gave out. The headphones jack broke loose somehow so I had to pinch and push it in one direction just to hear in both ear phones. Lame for walking to/from work and spinning at the gym. I'm really not good at change in these regards. If I like something and I get used to it and I'm comfortable, who wants to be forced to change? Yes, humans are the most adaptable species.

I bought a Creative Zen V Plus the other day and the thing is fucking tiny. It's like I just paid almost 2 benjamins for a Tic Tack box! My main motivation for this over an ipod was just an anti-ipod feeling and I really did have a good experience with my Micro. Sure, I cut a GB off when I bought this, but it's also encouraged me to switch my WMAs over to MP3s so I get more room and can make longer mixed CDs for friends. I tried using Microsoft's Office Plus! Audio Converter [built-in to my XP], but I kept getting errors on some codec that I needed. I found NCH Swift Sound converter ware. I'm sure it'll time-out on me in a few weeks or something, but it's a nice immediate solution.

I'm still adjusting to the V Plus. It's super small and lightweight [the Micro came with a removable, rechargeable battery, V Plus does not] which makes we worry every time I put it in my pocket that I'll drop it or it'll slip out somewhere and I won't notice. I'm also not fond of the "joystick" feature [literally, a very very very tiny nubbin joystick which you push rt/lft to skip songs etc] and I'm afraid I'll break it or wear it out. The sound quality is great and I love that I could actually watch videos on it -- that is, if I had any videos other than porn. I didn't really use the FM option much in the Micro and am not keen on it in this guy - our FM in Madison is so limited what's the point? Mainly, I'm just interested in the gadget as a walkman - get me to/from work and pumping in the gym. Which is another concern. The industry is makin' some big bucks off of us chumpies. Toss in an additional 30$ for the armband that I'll need for working out. I did buy an ipod armband & skin [super tall, narrow] for the Micro and she almost swam in it, but still was snug. This V Plus fills like only 1/3 of the armband skin. Rape me. Please. Take my money.

It's economics, darlings. My music and having access to tunes is worth the 2 benjis. I got a national/int'l warranty extended coverage, just in case, too. Yup, insuring something the size of a toothfloss box. Lordy.

So, if you've got some good tunes for me, float 'em over. If you've got a whole CD or entire folders you wanna share [ahem, legally of course], get yourself an AllPeers account and add me: lola07. A pal turned me on to this - so far seems like it's more secure with personal info and IMs can be encrypted. Or, you can also get a free account at YouSendIt which essentially offers more MB to send/receive for your inbox than Yahoo, Gmail, etc. [File sharing transfer delivery] Roger Traveller used this to pass along huge files of blow job porn a while back.

That's the tech and music update from me.

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