Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waiting for a sign

Yes, I've had fun up in Minneapolis with a boy there.
Yes, I've had my threesome (long-awaited) with two lovely men in Madison.
Yes, I've had my good times with one of the three - tied and beaten and fucked without mercy in Madison.

But really, I'm waiting and working to find my next employment.

I could work for a migration research body in DC.
Could further pursue a job with the Dept of State - though they do random drug testing.
Could further hunt down a position with a consultancy in DC.
Could hunger for a foundation job in NYC.
Could work the crowd to find something in Chicago.
Could do some government work in Minneapolis.

Could could, would would.

I have no idea where I'm supposed to be throwing my hardest thoughts and efforts. Could come back to Madison and get something much better paid than when I left, much more growth opportunity, more exposure, more planned steps to get to me one of the above in the end.

I'm waiting... waiting for a glimmer in the shift of stars, the wind to change so it blows up my skirt. Waiting... and working towards - well, something.


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping your wait isn't too long... and congrats on the 3-some ;)

lola said...

Thanks, blamemyrobot.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes you just need to ignore signs and pick a direction and go.

lola said...

I agree, Anonymous. I'm tossing my hat into a million related but different directions. We'll see where it gets picked up. And, then, yes, I'll want a sign for sure.

lola said...

Hey, blamemyrobot - diggin your blog. Nice on the Teddy front. xo