Monday, July 27, 2009

My dad

He was a cusser when I was growing up. Military highly ranked officer. Republican. Strict.

He was forced to retire from the military when he came up against a moral dilemma. His superior was requesting that he do something that would have compromised my dad’s values. We don’t talk about it and he can’t share details.

Many years after his retirement, well when I was out of college and into working for justice through a non-profit, he started to change. He didn’t vote for Bush the second time. He worked hard against the ban on gay marriage. He worked hard for the Dem party. He and I started getting along better than ever, sharing stories, talking as adults, respecting each other. He often told me how grateful he is for his two daughters, who have taught him so much in his life.

Well, he’s going into surgery tomorrow. A routine procedure, I guess. Having his prostate removed as it has been pressuring his urethra and blocking his kidneys so that they’re now reduced in function. The doctors took his blood pressure today, and while he’s on meds to lower it, today he struck a wonderful low. A surprising low, considering the circumstances.

He’s in the best of medical care, and lucky to be so. I love the guy with all my heart, and being all the way across half the USA, the great pond, and some distance into France, I’m worried.

If you could, Tumblr world, please think some good thoughts for this guy on Tuesday. I would wholly appreciate it.

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