Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do away unto the man of the Lordeth

Lo, and the Gates of Hell opened and out spewth the man who quoteth the Lordeth on Lola's blog.

From strength to strength, Lola's fingers climbeth to the heights of Haloscan!

And from the depths, the angel of Haloscan harketh, "Cast out ye boring, bad, evil, and dumbass! For those who seek to rudely interjecteth their ignorant comments shall not be welcomed in the House of Lola! For it is not from the Lordeth that these evil-doers come. No, nay, nien, non, nyet. For it is frometh the Lordeth's lame brother Billy whence the idiot cometh. Thus, cast out this fly in the ointment and go on with yo' bad self, girl."

Lola asked of the angel "But how to rid these lands of this plague? For the dumb ass spews swarms of gnats and flies, devouring all fun and respect with the locusts from his ass."

The angel spoke unto Lola and said "Blogger comment moderation." For the angel knew that it was the Lordeth and Billy who mock the idiot commenter, and scourge him, and spit upon him from their barstools at Stonewall (on 53 Christopher Street, NYC, between West 4th and Waverly, near Gay Street).

Lola was humbled by the angel and took the angel's words as a commandment and she left tokens and gifts and not of the distasteful kind with which the Three Kings welcomed a baby in a barn one timeth.

And all the world sighed for this would be the new day! For what the Lordeth has joined together let no man teareth apart. For Lola and her blog will live freely and with the children who read the blog and up on the hills with the sheep and the sexy hot shepherds and totally fine maidens and there shall be no gratuitous or retarded comments echoed to disturb their fair frolics in the gardens of salacious Satan.

Get behind me Satan! And we shall starteth the Bunny Hop of Joy!