Monday, May 12, 2008

As old as Jesus, punk!

I'm going to be 33 tomorrow.

I'm in the middle of paper-writing on Ethiopia and Eritrea and their conflict. How am I supposed to know what to recommend? Good lord.

Anyway. Good times lately. After the Indian man, I met a French man who peed on me in the middle of his rug in the middle of his living room. And then he tried to get me to pee into his mouth - about 4 times I've tried now and it's just not in my subbie constitution, but I keep trying. He's also beaten me quite a bit with a homemade flogger that leaves red scratch marks on my body and makes me happy to see them for days afterward. He snores like a giant bear walrus and last time I spent the night I took a sleeping pill. He gave me my first champagne breakfast after our second date. He hasn't asked to fuck my ass and doesn't care that it's lame. He loves it when I suck his cock but doesn't beg me to rim him. In fact, he doesn't beg at all. He directs and caresses and fondles and fingers and spanks and slaps and hurts me so well.

So, I've got 3 papers in the next 3 weeks and like 5 visitors coming from the US. pdh is coming over with his girlfriend and her girlfriend. My old high school friend B is coming to visit for a week. And the end of this week the son of a former colleague is in town. Then, on 2 June I'm off for 10 days with my sister to Italy and Barcelona -- got recommendations for Italy? Do tell!

So, yes, I'm going to be as old as Jesús and maybe even older! But definitely more fun.


PS. don't forget, you too can buy Lola a gift if you want to - check the Amazon wishlist. xoxo


noman said...

Happy Birthday! You've cheated death for another year...

Yello said...

Shit, I'vn't been reading you for such a long time that I misse you birthay.
Kisses Oldie.
The reverend.