Saturday, April 12, 2008

The moments in between

=====JSmith wrote=====
... I would appreciate you to tell me story occasionally...

=====lolita wrote=====
I write better stories when someone gives me a theme. I usually tell better stories when it's fact rather than fiction. But I do sometimes invent interesting bed time stories.

What's your art?

=====JSmith wrote=====
Hello again,
could you write me a sweet bed time storie, a variant around this girl Nabokov once called Lolita ?
I photography sometimes

au revoir...

=====lolita wrote=====
Well, that's a very lovely but naughty story of an older man who loved a very young girl. A titillating tale with passion, obsession, and young, gentle skin. Maybe you'd like to know what happens when she grows up, or maybe you want me to tell you about a lovely day they shared once in Paris?


=====JSmith wrote=====
What a striking beginning of your story... To sleep well, I need to know more. What happened that very day in Paris ?


=====lolita wrote=====
Well, she was a very lucky little girl to have Humbert Humbert bring her all the way to Paris, where the chocolate is like pure pillows melting on her tongue and the city lights brighten every little girl's eyes like stars on fire.

That day they woke up in a big, soft bed with a thick feathery blanket and they let just their eyes peek out over the covers, revealing only wrinkles as each made a giddy grin. They kept their smiles secret from the morning sun and just hints to each other. Humbert couldn't help but trickle his hand over to her soft, warm, small thigh. And Lolita couldn't help but open her eyes wide in giggly surprise, faking shock but also delightfully ticklish with butterflies in her tummy. Eyes watching eyes, he moved his hands along her peach fuzz leg while she giggled all nervous and excited for the big adventure.


=====JSmith wrote=====
Hello... I would really like to know what happens next...


=====lolita wrote=====
Humbert's hand had a mind of its own, while Lolita, wrapped nicely in her long dressing gown, laid buried under the thick, soft blanket. He very slowly rolled onto his side so as not to frighten her. His fingers glided up her thin thigh, brushing the night gown lace upwards as he moved. Loli's mouth relaxed from her giggle. A muscle in her forehead contracted to raise one eyebrow ever so slightly, naked to the eye, but revealing an ounce of apprehension mixed with one sigh of relaxation.

It wasn't the first morning they had woken up together. Nor was it the first time Humbert had played spider with his hand, gently tickling up to the elastic band on her knickers. Each of these rounds of intimacy brought a pulse of fear within her gentle body. A drop of nervousness from her soft tongue. Swallowing the pooled butterflies, down to her tummy, sending them racing up and down her pale skin, speeding like a boat on rough seas through her blue sky veins.

His caresses also signaled the anticipation of 'the special tingles' and 'angel bells,' as she had described it to Humbert. His left hand on her right hip. His right on her taut belly, lifting the knickers. His eyes half-opened with adoration and hunger. She felt the angel bells now as her tummy contracted with tickles and a small gush of honey kissed her lips. He made a gentle question, "Mmm?" And she answered by barely lifting her small buttocks from the bedsheet. Her dainty hands at her sides, lifting her from the bed. A slight breeze between the open sheets cooled down her arms to her wrists.

Humbert wanted to tug quickly, but knew better. His Loli Dolly liked to go slow, no surprises, just gentle Daddy kindness. He leaned upwards and slid the knickers over Lolita's bent knees. This pulled the fluffy bed cover upwards like a tent and inched it downwards to reveal Loli's tender neck and smooth collar bone. He slipped the knickers over her toes, took them in a hand, and planted a gentle kiss on the curve of her neck.

Humbert's breath hovered over her neck, just under her earlobe. A bare breathing of morning, last night's cigarette, and this minute's lust warmed her neck, sending ripples down to her special spot.

Lolita's body slow-danced to the gentle tempo of the forefinger on Humbert's right hand as he made circles just above her pubis. Her right hand, still at her side, felt Humbert's heat.

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