Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where has Lola been?!

Soon, I promise:

Craigslist the Good Hook-Up (with amazing sex and a clean toothbrush).

The neighbor and the couple swapping at the hamman: anal sex included.

India was wonderful and complicated - no sex, all work.

When I got back I had my period and bad timing so I was dry for a total month.

Party with the RAF (Royal Air Force - the winner of the Craigslist is a military man), his friend and his mistress/girlfriend. She left, poor thing, and missed the fun.

(examining the potent liquor given by the landlady. far right: RAF)

I got it up and down and on the bottom.

Then, it was up to Edinburgh for the Scotsman and a weekend during which I felt for the first time like I was on vacation. (There's even a nice long video from this trip.)

So, this is to whet your appetite. I have not given up writing on CDOA. I have not given up on you. I have stories to tell and I will tell them this week and weekend. And then, I'll make more.

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Yello said...

Yahouuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!
Lola is back with full mouth & butt.
Spankin' news ;-)