Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fastest update in the EU

-Julien and I have fucked twice more. I've taught him how to say "screw" when he wants to do it. I'm also slowly teaching him not to massage my tits like a 15-year-old (sigh) but to play with the nipples. He's over-joyed by either my cock-sucking skills or by the fact that I do it period. He wants to fuck my ass. I also taught him that I call it bummie. What have I gotten? Rather reliable fucks? A nice, decent-sized cock to fill my oral fixation. Tequila beer one night and Chinese beer the next. Laziness in that he climbs up to my apartment and I don't have to go to his (because he still lives with his ex - a nicety for me).

-Too bad the Scot and I haven't been able to hook-up again. I think he's left for south France.

-I'm having horrible fantasies about fucking the old director of our program. He sent me a couple of photos he took of me (actually, photos of another colleague taking photos of me at the castle we stopped at over our weekend retreat). I'm not sure if he did that for all the students or if it was a gesture of him knowing I was a photographer and wanting to show me his 'work' as it were. Not sure there, but I felt very flirtatious at our one-on-one meeting at the department. Each student had to meet with him to give kind of an overview in addition to what was on our CV or application. The info goes to all the professors to get a better idea of who we are. Needless to say, my 'interview' was fun, a bit nervous, a bit giggly, and a bit flirty. I have no idea if he engages this way with all the female students. I know it's completely inappropriate and he's actually not hot in any way and is actually a bit un-charming. Either way, I was very sickly/absurdly excited when I found out today that he is my academic adviser. Soooo naughty.

-I went to the 2nd S-Munch and it was better than the first. I was a bit more relaxed and the group was a bit smaller. My French is definitely improving and I found it highly amusing to listen to older women dominatrixes explain how they felt about "La Dependance: Excitante ou Dangereuse." One of the new men at the meeting sat by me at one point and found it interesting that in the 1-1/2 months I've been here I've been to two S-Munches. I don't think he was hitting on me since most of the men at these events are subs and the women are dommes. I told him it was because I knew Wilfried, but there's more to it. I really want to meet a dom. How badly though? Not too badly yet. As I said before, it'd be nice to fulfill my basic needs first so I'm not so sexually frustrated and can actually concentrate on submissiveness.

-I think I'm too old to be flashing my tits anymore. Or, maybe I need to lay off the wine at soirees. Granted, it was a soiree with all the program students who are generally in their mid-20s - not a serious Frenchy soiree. Still, I think the tits have lost some elasticity and really shouldn't be popping like that. Oh well.

-I also need to remember to eat before going out. I could have fucked a couple of young men at the party but ended up really drunk in a bed with another girl colleague and a gay colleague talking about who knows what and not getting laid. Focus, woman, focus!

-I think the new haircut makes me look older. I think I need to deal with getting older and enjoy it. I can't play a teenager anymore. It looks pathetic.

-I'm going to Berlin tomorrow for 6 days. I would love to end up back at the Kit Kat Club or the other sex club that pdh and I went to years ago but I don't think that will happen. I'm not sure how to make things happen right now. I need to go shopping. I need to forget the budget and lay some bucks down on latex, leather, heels, and such. Europe is a lot about dressing up, costumes. I'm not so much like that. I need to let Halloween be every day.

-It's that time of the month again where I skipped French class today and instead played with myself all day. But I have to leave now. Things to do. I feel incredibly guilty about making puddles in my panties and not being responsible. I need to stop freaking out about that.


Chain said...

Any chance of hot, dirty photos with these news lovers?

lola said...

Ahhh, darling/s.. Things move a lot more slowly in this new world. One person at the police department to handle all the passport inquiries, the metro breaks down for an hour, dinner lasts 3 hours.

I'm lucky to have Julien, the semi-functional lover. Not sure if I'm ready to throw in the digi-request yet. I doubt it would freak him out too much but I think he's adjusting to my wildness as is. I'm sure my Scot would be up for taking snaps left and right if he weren't up in Scotland right now.

I do have funny photos of me flashing at the soiree. I'll upload as soon as I can. Although, they're not quite as sexy or interesting imho.

Thanks for still reading, chain.

a said...

I really enjoyed reading this.

Given a little time, you'll have acquired the people you want, nee need.

Can't wait to

Monster said...