Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hip Hip

There are many other things I want to write about, like the draft I have about my pre-surgery appointment last week. I have been scared silly and re-considering the surgery, but fuck it. See, I'm going under.. going under.. [hearing Kruder & Dorfmeister's "Going Under"].. full-on anesthesia. Not so yay. But it's a precautionary thing I guess - in case he has to do some digging instead of just clipping. Thank god my co-worker has offered to take me home from the hospital and babysit me [she's more like a friend really] and thank triple god that James has offered to relieve her in the afternoon to babysit me through the night. He says I probably won't need it - and I know I won't - but it's nice to know that I won't choke on my tongue mid-anesthesia sleep and die alone. Yes, I do have an active and often horror-leaning imagination.

Then, there's the fact that I'm sure I totally aced the Stats exam and I got a 13.5/14 on the Econ exam this morning. [Crazy cat lady piano teacher Econ prof had us take the exam and then grade it ourselves with a red pencil. I just don't think she's got much commonsense that one.]

Then, there's how completely and utterly horny I am right now. Recently, I took some EC [emergency contraception - get some for your girlfriends, wives, any lady in your life - even if your tubes are tied] following a condom that got stuck in my cunnie. [She's just so strong that one!!] Of course, I'm over-reacting and I was like 90% sure that no spermies got out, but it's always best to err on the side of caution and $30 at Planned Parenthood now is better than $400 later. So, my cycle was all spazzed out and I got 2 periods in 30 days. And, my regular steady, mr. Andy and I have conflicting schedules and he's leaving town for a month. Other mr. Roger Traveller hasn't been around since the first tryst and I've kind of given up fishing for that one. SirMax has been available, but I've kind of fashioned a special niche for him which involves a bit more involved play. What I need to find is a wham-bam [not even enough time for the "thank you ma'am" part]. While Andy and I spend a bit of time almost daily chatting via email, we keep our play limited by time constraints and other responsibilities. He comes over, someone kisses first or strips first, suck, fuck, screw, fun, and then we're done [sometimes an hour to 2 hours]. We chat for like maybe 10 minutes, he hops in the shower, I change the sheets, he dresses, we chat for maybe 10 more minutes, he leaves, I shower happily. I really, really like that. Just the occasional fuck buddy. And it just doesn't seem easy to get... and I know you feel me on this one. Anyway... back to the drawing board for me. Back on the prowl. And if the 'net don't bring me a cheap fling, I'll troll around outside a bit. [Not in the ol' Lola on the town version, more like the classy Lola leaves her scent.]

Working out at the gym under these conditions of deprived Lola is not good. It does not help. I'm almost too horny to go there. I mean, I've found that working out has really, really helped since James and I stopped sleeping together. It really helps release those endorphins that I need to release a couple times a week - and it's healthy! But Super Duper Uber capital H horny Lola should not go to the gym. Even trolly old men barely shuffling on the cardio machines who leer over at me once in a while are beginning to look good. Then there's the super hotties on the treadmills. And the sweaty hottie who wasn't a hottie to me while dating James but is now totally fucking sexy in his drip drip dripping sweat everywhere. And then there's the gay aerobics instructor. And the two meatheads who lift in the weight room and have mullets - their big, puffy, rooster chests look so fucking lickable right now. And then there's the like 40-something guy who wears a Corona sleeveless tee and black Converse, oh my god oh my god oh my god. I could almost almost almost even see it with the Ralphie May who's been coming around a bit lately. Totally not good conditions for me right now.

Then, the biggest news.... I was checking emails today and wasn't going to open it. You know, see the subject line, decide to wait to open it when I get home. I was sure it was another rejection. But nooooo.... I GOT ACCEPTED TO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohmyfuckinggod. How was I able to get through the rest of the day with the new intern, teleconferences, working out, and even sitting here typing. I mean, fuck it all... I'm going to London!!! .... well, I could be going to London. I mean, I COULD TOTALLY BE GOING TO LONDON!! So amazing. I have this bottle of demi-sec Veuve Clicquot from New Years Eve. I've been saving it for my first acceptance letter. I wonder if I drink this weekend or wait for the confirmation letter in post mail. Oh what the hell.... HIP HIP HO!


James said...


Triumphant Lola

My favorite kind.


good job sweetie.


Cicciolina said...

Kudos, L! This indeed deserves a toast.


Hellboy said...

Hear, hear! Triumphant (perfect, James) Lo's exuberance is well earned and addictive. Enjoy your celebration and savoring of this moment. Congrats, congrats, darling.

darth sardonic said...

i will toss one back in your honor later, lola. good fucking job!

when's the book getting published? lol.

a said...

In case you didn't get my other message, congratulations! You deserve it, wholeheartedly.

Monster said...

Right on, Lo!

Let's figure out a way to drink together, while listening to Michael Jackson, ONE MORE TIME before you jet across the pond, as it were.